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    You can find and view your watchlist at anytime from your profile. Watch wild and wonderful movies and shows from independent filmmakers and get a new handpicked playlist every month. Jon Elmore Follow Contact. Drama, Fantasy. Glen Ellyn. Our passion for making visual experiences drives us to create this story. We're students from the College of DuPage trying to make our way into the industry.

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    This film will give each of us the opportunity to not only share this incredible story but to also help build our experiences in filmmaking. Share this project! The Story Inclusion Statement With our culturally diverse group of students, we've collaborated to create a film that anyone can relate to.

    Our film represents the evolution of a growing child, that we believe is applicable to any one's life. Use the WishList to pledge cash and loan items - or - Make a pledge by selecting an incentive directly.

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    Food We'll be filming long hours each day and require food so we can make our best work! Make a Pledge Loan. Fake Leaves, Ivy, Wood, and Moss We need these items to bring the fantastical element of the tree to life. Special Effects Makeup We need this to create the illusion of bruising, scars, and a general weathered appearance of the boy. Costume We are planning to create handcrafted costumes for the boy. Location Permits We need permits to safely and securely film at our locations.

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    The real story behind…A boy left his bike chained to a tree when he went away to war in 1914

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