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Determine reflections (advanced) (practice) | Khan Academy

Note: If you still can't find the files, please contact us at info panosfx. Reflections in Photoshop. Create various reflection effects. Free Install. Acquired View My Exchange.

Determining reflections (advanced)

Accept and Continue. Published: September 25, Version: 1. File Size: 4 MB. Product s : Photoshop CC Be the first to review it. Practice: Reflect shapes. Reflecting shapes: diagonal line of reflection. Next lesson. Current timeTotal duration Video transcript - [Voiceover] We're asked to use the "Reflection" tool to define a reflection that will map line segment ME, line segment ME, onto the other line segment below.

So we want to map ME to this segment over here and we want to use a Reflection. Let's see what they expect from us if we want to add a Reflection. So if I click on this it says Reflection over the line from, and then we have two coordinate pairs. So they want us to define the line that we're going to reflect over with two points on that line.

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So let's see if we can do that. To do that I think I need to write something down so let me get my scratch pad out and I copied and pasted the same diagram. And the line of reflection, one way to think about it, we want to map point E, we want to map point E, to this point right over here.

We want to map point M to this point over here. And so between any point and its corresponding point on the image after the reflection, these should be equidistant from the line of reflection. This and this should be equidistant from the line of reflection. This and this should be E, and this point should be equidistant from the line of reflection.

"reflection" in American English

Or another way of thinking about it, that line of reflection should contain the midpoint between these two magenta points and it should contain the midpoint between these two deep navy blue points. So let's just calculate the midpoints. So we could do that with a little bit of mathematics. The coordinates for E right over here, that is, let's see that is x equals negative four, y is equal to negative four, and the coordinates for the corresponding point to E in the image.

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This is x is equal to two, x is equal to two, and y is equal to negative six. So what's the midpoint between negative four, negative four, and two, comma, negative six? Well you just have to take the average of the x's and take the average of the y's. Let me do that, actually I'll do it over here.

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So if I take the average of the x's it's going to be negative four, negative four, plus two, plus two, over two, that's the average of the x's. And then the average of the y's, it's going to be negative four plus negative six over two. Negative four plus negative six, over two and then close the parentheses. Let's see, negative four plus two is negative two, divided by two is negative one.

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