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Cramer: Tech stocks are overvalued, but 'it's not like we've gone crazy'. Tesla delivers 95, vehicles in Q2. Nike comments on decision to pull sneaker featuring Betsy Ross flag. Retail forecast for the second half of Why the new tax law may be behind NYC's luxury real estate surge. White House's Peter Navarro on new trade talks between the U. Global growth is slowing, says Goldman Sachs strategist. Delta hikes second-quarter revenue guidance.

Initial Public Offering (IPO)

Scott Gottlieb on joining Pfizer's board, drug prices, and 'Medicare for All'. Why Huawei has become a chess piece in the US-China trade talks. Two experts break down Tesla's recent troubles. Markets have been trading off on sentiment and valuation, expert says. Why businesses in China are concerned the Hong Kong protests will affect trade. OPEC is staring down a slowing global economic picture, expert says.

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How China's control of rare earth minerals threatens the U. How the U. Inside a Waldorf School — what it is like to learn with no tech.

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Large factory robots pose a danger to humans — here's how Veo Robotics is making them safer. SpaceX wants to go New York to Shanghai in 40 minutes.

Initial Public Offering (IPO) Process

Why so many people are dying on top of Mount Everest. This is how MeUndies sold over 10 million pairs of underwear.

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Many of the start-ups gaining multibillion dollar valuations are feasting on the buffet of easy money in the private markets from venture capitalists, hedge funds and sovereign wealth funds. But a number also are deeply unprofitable, and in some cases, their growth was slowing. The struggles of Uber and Lyft only added to the doubts. Shares of both companies are trading below their I.

But they operate in a new industry, ride-hailing, which offers investors no direct public company comparisons. And both were racking up huge losses with no clear path to profitability. Birchbox CEO: We're obsessed with people, not beauty.

Uber stock hit by executive shake-up a month after the IPO

Meatless burgers in hot demand. Why Fed independence matters. Why tariffs on Mexico are bad for the US. The rush for vertical mergers, explained. This is the worst case scenario for the US-China trade war. Still to come, online pet supplies retailer Chewy is set to start trading Friday. And the popular work messaging tool Slack will soon sell shares through a direct listing. It's a move similar to what Spotify SPOT did when it went public, and will allow Slack to bypass the traditional process of hiring Wall Street bankers to sell new shares of the company to institutional investors.

CrowdStrike soars in public debut.

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The success of IPOs that are not in the highly competitive ridesharing business is a sign that investors are still hungry for new high-growth companies. But all that enthusiasm may not be warranted. They are losing so much money and they have no path to profitability," said Duncan Davidson, founding partner at Bullpen Capital, an early stage investing firm. Davidson said he thinks Slack should do well also, mainly because it's focused more on big businesses and not the hyper competitive and very price sensitive average consumer.